Our Bronco Build

The Fero Machine

This Bronco build has been a 2-year journey. Starting out as an Outerbanks Sasquatch, it's now almost unrecognizable as that at all. It's become a rare breed.

The guiding vision for our Bronco from day one was to create a dark, aggressive, retro-modern and tactical build with subtle contrast and intentional juxtaposition between clean lines and an aggressive stance. To me, this is what the ultimate FERO MACHINE looks like.

I couldn't have dreamed of this build without our incredible build partners. Their time, expertise, advice, products and help all around made it a reality.

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Thank you to our badass

Build Partners

Build Partner

Texas Motorworx

These guys did most of the heavy lifting on our build, including installation of tires, wheels, suspension, control arms and lighting. They do incredible work and are highly recommended.

Build Partner + Paint Finish

Starwood Motors Signature Finish

The world-renown Starwood Signature Finish in Ford's Magnetic Metallic is the ultimate bed-liner style paint. Starwood also partnered with us on several big installs including fiberglass components, bumpers and side steps. Highly recommended.


Advanced Fiberglass Ram Air Hood

Aggressive style and superb build quality. Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if it added 100 HP too.

Front Bumper

Addictive Desert Designs Pro Bolt-on Bumper

The sexiest bumpers anywhere with unmatched approach and departure angles. Plus they utilize all the OEM sensors.

Side Steps

DV8 OE Plus Side Steps

Compliments the ADD Pro bumpers' tubular style, provides a grippy step and some light protection on the trails. Yes, we actually use them as steps!

Tires: 37x12.50R17 

Toyo Open Country M/T

The iconic, aggressive off-road tire with just the right amount of contrast against the clean fender lines. Fully capable of making roads out of nothing.

Wheels: 17x8.5 ET 0

Fifteen52 Analog HD

A modern take on the classic steelie. This is the best-looking, retro-modern wheel in existence and the perfect pairing for a 6th Gen Bronco in our humble but accurate opinion.


King 2.5" Coilovers w/ Adjusters

Legendary shocks. We're rockin' some of the first ones ever made for the 6th Gen Bronco.

Control Arms

Camburg KINETIK Billet UCAs and Trailing Arms

Made in the U.S. from 6061 Billet Aluminum, these beastly arms bring all the control and rockstar vibes to the Bronco's suspension. If you're upgrading coilovers, these are a must.

Exhaust / Intake

Roush Axle-Back Exhaust System

We have a new favorite sound. This is it. Every acceleration now comes with a growl and a smile.

Roof Lights

Baja Designs XL Linkable Roof Mount Light Kit

Light em up! Just don't do it while driving on roads.

No rig is built alone

I couldn't have dreamed of this Bronco build without these incredible partners and sponsors. Their time, expertise, advice, products and help all around made it a reality.

The brands and products listed here are the best of the best, hands down. Though most parts were sponsored or discounted heavily, I made ZERO compromises. I turned down many, many offers from other brands because their products didn't fit this vision, and waited patiently for the right partners until it all came together. I hope you've enjoyed watching this build come together as much as I've enjoyed guiding it.

No rig is built alone, and I'm grateful to the people and brands that made it possible.

I'm especially grateful to Jason Cook of Texas Motorworx, John Pangilinan (Toyo, Fifteen52 and Pelican) and Jerry Zaidon of Camburg Racing. These guys are legends in this industry, and spent countless hours with me, giving me advice and helping me dial in this build. They each showed incredible patience with me as asked hundreds of questions. When I started this build, I was a newbie to offroading and vehicle modification and their guidance is hugely responsible for where I am today.

Feel free to explore all the mods and use the links provided to support them and me should you decide to purchase their products. Some links may be affiliate links.

If you'd like to explore the build journey, check out our YouTube to see each major install. Thanks for following along!

Soft Top

Bestop TrekTop Slantback Soft Top

Provides the aggressive slantback style while retaining the quick convertibility of a soft top. Switch to open air faster than a traffic signal turns green (seriously it only takes 5 seconds).

Child Car Seats x 3

Diono Radian 3QXT in Gray Slate

The original 3-across Car Seat Maker designed these to fit almost any vehicle. They fit the Bronco perfectly for all 3 of our kids (ages 8, 5, 3).

Armrest Cover

FERO Komodo Armrest Armor

Have pets and kids? Get this.

Door Sill Guards

FERO "Not a Step" Door Sill Guards

Designed by us, made in the U.S. Way higher quality than the cheap vinyl stuff.

SunShade Top

FERO GearShade SunShade Mesh Top

Filter sunlight and keep the air flowing. Designed by us, made in the U.S. by GearShade.

Grill / Marker Lights

Bronco LED Shop Amber Raptor Grill Lights

Mounted to an unpainted Badlands grill.


BuiltRight Perfect-Fit Stubby Antenna

Looks clean, fits perfectly, functions as intended, and made in the U.S. from billet aluminum.

Window Tint

Xpel Prime Color Stable Black 35% VLT

Mind your own business.

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